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These are tools that are used to repair damaged sections of casing. Rather than removing and installing a new liner these tools can repair a short section of damaged liner.

Plain Casing Bowl

A casing bowl is designed to replace a section of bad liner below the liner hanger. First the bad section is cut off and removed leaving a liner stub in the hole. The casing bowl will drive over the cut off liner stub and grip the outside, thus enabling the operator to put the liner in tension. The string can then be extended to the surface or hung with a liner hanger.

Seal Type Casing Bowl

Casing bowls can come with or without seals, depending on the requirements of the operator. Both types, with or without seals, can come in a single slip or a double slip version.

The bottom hole packer is another type of work over tool. It is designed to be run in on the bottom of a liner string and seat on an existing liner hanger or adapter. The packer has seals both on the bottom, where it seats on the liner hanger, and on the side. The seals are set by weight from the rig and in this manner the packer isolates everything below itself. The new string can now be run to the surface.

Another possible application is to bridge and isolate a section of damaged casing. Here the packer is run below an adapter with enough liner between them to bridge the bad section of casing. The assembly is run in on a running tool. The seals are set. The adapter may also have seals which are set at the same time, thus isolating the bad section of casing. The bottom hole packer also has optional hold down slips.

The hook wall packer is the bottom member of another type of patch system. It is run in on the end of a liner string and located below the bad section of casing. It has slips like a hanger but in this case the slips are supporting the weight of the liner from above. Just a quarter turn sets the slips. The packer has a seal that is set via weight from the rig after the slips are set. The new liner can be run to the surface or to an adapter located above the bad section of casing. Once installed the assembly acts as a bridge or a bypass around the bad casing.


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