Hydraulic Setting Mandrel

When using the hydraulic running tool, neither rotation nor reciprocation of the liner is needed for setting. However, the liner can be reciprocated during cementing without the need to modify the equipment. Should hydraulic pressure fail to actuate the running tool, the liner can be hung mechanically while in the hole. This insures that the liner can be hung in tension without leaving it on bottom. The liner hanger is actuated by dropping a ball that seats on the landing collar with shear-out sub assembly. Applied pressure will cause the piston in the liner hanger setting tool to move upward and release the spring loaded slips. Liner weight is placed on the liner hanger by downward movement of the work string. Application of an adjustable, predetermined pressure will clear the fluid path in the landing collar for cementing. Right hand rotation of from twelve to sixteen turns will release the setting tool from the liner hanger.

Two basic sizes of setting tool will fit all RIGGER ENGINEERING liner hangers run inside of 5” through 13-3/8” casing. Minimal parts change is required to fit the hydraulic running tools to the various liner hanger sizes.


Adjustable Setting Pressure

Setting pressure may be adjusted by selection of brass shear screws used in the hydraulic running tool and landing collar with shear-out sub.

Mechanical Set Back-Up

In the event of an emergency, the liner hanger may be set by right hand rotation of the hydraulic running tool. This enables the slips to be released from the slip pockets to engage the I.D. of the casing and hang the liner.


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