Rigger announces successful installation of 2507 stainless steel liner hanger

NOVEMBER 2009 – Cal Energy has successfully installed a liner using a Rigger Engineering liner hanger, hanging approximately 160,000 pounds of 10-3/4”-45.5# liner in a geothermal well in Brawley, California. The liner was installed inside of 13-3/8″-68# casing. This liner hanger was unique in that the hanger as well as the liner was fabricated from 2507 Duplex stainless steel. Due to the highly corrosive properties of the sour gases in the wells in this area, Cal Energy has been using titanium liners. Though they stand up well to the corrosion the titanium liners are also very expensive. It is hoped that the 2507 stainless will be a more cost effective compromise. The stainless steel, especially in this size, was a challenge to machine but Rigger managed to accomplish the task and broke only a few cutters in the process. The next hanger should go easier. Overall Cal Energy was very pleased with the way the job went down – the liner hung right where they wanted it and cemented in place afterward. This liner hanger had a PBR receptacle so that they were able to install and cement another 10-3/4″ liner back to the surface. Right now Cal Energy is waiting for funding for additional wells and will probably hang another dozen or so liners of this type over the next couple of years.

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