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Liner hanger accessories include a number of items. These include tie back receptacles, plug sets, and port collars plus others. These are used in various complementary operations such as cementing, gravel packing, and tieing back to the surface with an existing liner.

Plug Sets

Plugs are simply a method of wiping excess cement and/or mud from the drill pipe or liner string. The drill pipe dart is launched from the cement head down the drill pipe. It generally has a latch-in ring so that it will stay firmly locked into the liner wiper plug, which wipes the liner. The wiper plug and dart travel to the bottom of the liner in tandem. The liner wiper plug may or may not have a latch-in mechanism.

Port Collars

Port collars are most commonly used in gravel packing operations although they can be used in cementing operations as well. They provide a method of pumping gravel or cement into various zones in the liner string.

Tie Back Recepticle

The tie back system provides a method of running liner above the liner hanger to the surface. One possible reason for this is to accomplish a dual cement job. By cementing in two stages the cement formation will be more secure and less prone to voids. The tie back system also helps to keep the two liners in allignment when running tools in and out of the hole.


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