Rigger installs first liner hanger in Azores

OCTOBER 2009 – The first Rigger Engineering liner hanger was recently installed on the island of San Miguel in the Azores. Earlier this year the company began supplying liner hangers to SOGEO – Sociedade Geotermica dos Acores S.A. The first liner was 106,000 pounds of 9-5/8″ hung inside of 13-3/8″-68# casing early in the month of October. The job went just as scheduled. Below is the letter sent by the service engineer upon the successful installation.

“The liner job went sweet. I set the liner on bottom(ran to one meter from original TD), activated the slips, then picket up 2.75 meters, slacked off and the slips bit as they were supposed to, then we unscrewed from the liner and pulled out with no problems. We set the hanger the on bottom method so never ran the off bottom setting tool at all. There really was no need to have purchased this tool as we always set these liners within a few meters of bottom anyway, but it was not properly explained or understood by the local Sogeo people the method of setting these liner hangers so they purchased the off bottom setting tool. That tool is mainly used for when you are setting a liner WAY off bottom, not close to bottom like we always do, correct? Once I fully explained to Rui how the liner was to be set he was fine with the simpler procedure of setting the liner on bottom,, releasing the slips, picking up to final setting depth and setting the hanger the way we did it here.
He was very happy. In fact, we set the hanger even before he knew we were done because we set it using the rotary table instead of the Kelly. He was sitting there explaining to the mud loggers and the girls what was coming next. When I walked off the floor he was worried, thought there had been a problem and came to me asking what is wrong? I said nothing, the hanger is all set! He said, But you never picked up the kelly, to which I told him that was a 15 minute ordeal at minimum and was totally unnecessary! In short, the job was perfect thanks to your good help and a good hanger. Again, thanks for your advice and assistance!”

This is a long term project with many more wells to be drilled over the next few years. Here’s to a succesful relationship with SOGEO.

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