The RIGGER ENGINEERING single slip liner hanger has been in continual use since 1939 and is our basic plain liner hanger. It was developed through a collaboration between the Burns Oil Tool Company and Union Oil of California. Rigger Engineering began manufacturing this liner hanger in 1978 and, at about the same time, Baker Oil Tools incorporated the design into their product line as the Baker Simplex liner hanger. Over the years it has proven to be arguably the most reliable liner hanger in the industry.

This liner hanger has several unique design features. These include a short, streamlined body with few parts that can be run through dog legs and high-angle holes to set easily and securely. The fully recessed slip design features a true radius between the slip and the pocket. This allows the entire weight of the liner to be spread evenly over the entire contact area of the slip and the pocket. Each slip operates independently, further assisting in spreading the load evenly. Finally, with no exposed parts, it is virtually impossible to set the hanger prematurely or hang up while tripping into the hole. This single slip version is rated for liners up to 80,000 pounds.

While this liner hanger can be used for oil, gas, and even water well applications, it has developed an especially high profile and been used extensively in the Geothermal Industry. It’s ease of operation, simple but rugged design, and comparatively low cost make it a natural fit to this rapidly expanding industry.


May 2024
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